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A real sensory journey, a tribute to the places of the soul. Unique and unmistakable craftsmanships to fall in love with.
Fragrances of Italian excellence to be tried "on" to identify themselves, recognize them at the first breath.

E. MARINELLA has created essences for HIM: elegant and decisive, intense and seductive. And for LEI: fascinating and passionate; Enchanting and mysterious.

  • CARTHUSIA: Flowers, sun and sweet life are the ingredients that do not lack in Carthusia fragrances, fragrances created to live, thanks to the smell, spirit and energy that dominates Capri. Perfumes for her, for him also a collection dedicated to the beard ritual; For the environment, try oud edition.
  • BRUNO ACAMPORA: The Bruno Acampora fragrances are meticulously hand-made, using traditional, artisanal methods, blending elegance and style in the art of rare essences.
  • PININFARINA: Fragrances that speak of luxury, search, life style, with unique formulas.
  • VISCONTI: Rare and precious essences, obtained by distillation of: flowers, seeds, spices, fruits, woods and balsams.
  • ANTONIO DE CURTIS: An olfactory journey in the memory of this great and loved person all over the world.
  • LORENZO VILLORESI: Fragrances that can recall sensations, places, images, or even lead to a space of new olfactory dimensions.
  • PROFUMI DEL FORTE: I feel like a flower of skin. Odorous suggestions for a vacation that lives with timeless rites and myths.
  • ROYAL CROWN: Created for lovers of exclusive taste, R.C. Represents the triumph of the art of perfumery, brought to the extreme limits of excellence.
  • GIFT IDEAS: Niche essences, accessories, bathroom sponges, candles and fragrance for environments.
    • LOCHERBER- MILAN: Discover the world of Locherber Milano's ambient perfumers, candles and a complete line for the care of the person.
    • AVERE LA BARBA: The lab is a place where Alessandro, Michele and Diego of Beard concentrate their creativity and their beard, with a search for natural products thought in the respect of nature and the person.

 Italian manufacturing produces not only high-quality products, but also produces culture. The bond with ancient traditions, but able to adapt to the changes of all time. The brands we propose are known and famous in the world for authenticity, characteristics, quality and passion with which they are designed and made on national territory. Made in Italy is synonymous with style, gusto, elegance, sophistication, aesthetics and tradition, all of which are enclosed in a "bottle of perfume" that can give unique, unforgettable and inimitable emotions where all passion is enclosed. The tale of our country.

A real sensory journey, a tribute to the places of the soul. Unique and unmistakable essences to fall in love with.

Fragrances of Italian excellence to be felt "on" to identify, recognize the first breath and spread exclusivity.

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