CARTHUSIA Olive Wood Shaving Brish

Olive Wood Shaving Brish
Strictly according to tradition, the badger's shaving brushes are realised using the best Super quality badger hair, ideal for men expecting extreme smoothing sensation in the best existing quality.
As for the color, the knot shows a distinctive black banded midsection in the hair while it gets whiter on the tips. As the brushes are filled with finer hair than other existing manufactures, more individual hairs are required to fill the brush's knot making it very dense yet giving the user a soft and luxurious feel.
On the other hand, such thin hair are very delicate to handle, therefore badger brushes need extra care by the user: the brush should be properly rinsed under warm water after use and stored upside down in a dry and fresh environment to facilitate the correct drying. 

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